digital media assignments for art 261

Assignment 5- Video Art

The bad Titanic lip reading

Had a bit more fun with this project. Inspired by Bad Lip Reading on Youtube, follow Jack Dawson, bicycle salesman extraordinaire on his quest to bring free bikes to the struggling youth of America. 

He boards the S.S. Titanic, currently bound for the mystical land of Mordor, and along the way, meets the love of his life. The only catch- Rose can’t ride a bike. And she’s married, or whatever.

Written by myself and Meredith O-M, performed by myself and William C, all mixed by myself, with visuals and music taken from Titanic (1997).

Thanks for a great semester!

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Assignment 4- Sound Art!

Video games are art!

Parameters were to pick a message, and convey it with sound.

Using BGM and vocal rips from Valve’s legendary Portal 2, this near 10-minute track takes the listener through the entire game through a condensed audio narrative.

Obviously you don’t want to listen to this if you want to avoid any spoilers for the game, but if you don’t intend on playing, or have played already, I’d love to hear how the plot comes across to you with this alone!

Hopefully anyone who had any doubts about the place video games hold in the art world consider thinking twice- behind every game is a story and a message, that we immerse ourselves in. If that’s different than a gallery installation to you, I would love to hear you explain how.

All the content in this song is courtesy of Valve and

This track can be downloaded here!

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Assignment 3 - The Revamp

Girls at their Best

Don’t have much to say about this one! I revamped my original “identity” project and after taking the critique from my peers, included more of my costumes to show off even more of me!

My only regret is I don’t have more costumes to show. Maybe I’ll have a few more by the time the class concludes.

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Assignment 2 - Still Life: Simulations, Representations and Illusion

Boys will be boys!

For this assignment I had a little bit of fun, diving into the cliche of still life = food, and using that food to simulate a scene, represent an issue, and create the illusion of two very different worlds, even though both shots were done at the same time, in the same place.

If it wasn’t obvious already, the cantaloupe is meant to represent the female breasts, and the two different scenes show how differently they’re treated depending on the circumstances.

The above image I like to call “the male gaze” in which breasts are mostly used for the pleasure of men, hence my vanilla yogurt “semen”. The main message is a basic and simple, when men sexualize women, it’s played off and treated as fun and flirty, sexy, and always just an example of how boys will be boys (ergo a bright colorful scene). Taking the knife to represent the audience, they simply stand by and let it happen, because really, who is it hurting?

The bottom image is meant to depict what happens when a woman takes it upon herself to put herself on display, consensually and for her own pleasure. I’m sure no one reading this is ignorant to the “hero/slut” double standard of sleeping around and getting undressed. That’s what this image is showing with a nice pool of chocolate sauce “blood”. If you take the knife to represent the audience again, this women is being vilified, punished, attacked and discredited.

Overall, I’m representing the ownership that men have taken over women’s bodies. To the point where it’s difficult for women to do things for themselves, especially in the world of sex, because if something isn’t specifically done for a man’s enjoyment, it’s wrong and scornful, and she’s just a dirty whore who gives it up too easily. Where as a man can parade around and upskirt anybody he wants, and on the off chance a woman calls him out and justice gets served, he still gets sided with, and that woman should have thought twice before tempting that guy with a low cut shirt. I mean, what did she expect?

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Assignment 1 - The Self Portrait

I never act my characters - I am them. - Drew Barrymore

This assignment asked us to consider what “identity” meant to us, as opposed to a simple picture of ourselves or our face. Taking this parameter into consideration, I thought about myself, how I identify, and who I am in general. But in having no notable cultural past or religious affiliation, it felt a bit out of place to consider my identity in terms of “how I identify.”

Instead I dug a bit deeper, to my influences, and decided where I wanted to take this project.

As a writer, every day of my life is spent living vicariously through characters. I analyze them, I build them, and in turn, I allow them to influence me in my daily life. Who I am today can most easily be defined as the characters I have read and written, and what lessons and virtues I have taken from them.

Depicted above is myself- three times- as me, and as two characters, found in the book I am reading in the picture. They are guiding me through their story, leaving their own mark on who I am. So even though I obviously don’t have a character sitting next to me while I read, this is nearly always how I feel when I do read.

And when I put that book down, part of me is different than how it was before I picked it up.

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